Editor: Oliver Orro
Authors: Oliver Orro, Robert Treufeldt, Maris Mändel
Graphic design: Kristo Kooskora
Translators: Peeter Tammisto, Jelena Rõbakova
Publisher: Museum of Estonian Architecture, 2017
hardcover, 304 pages, 555 illustrations, summaries and captions in English and Russian

Price: 30€

The book considers the spatial development of the Russo-Baltic Shipyard and its former settlement throughout…

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Editors: Triin Ojari, Carl-Dag Lige, Indrek Sirkel
Authors: Triin Ojari, Carl-Dag Lige, Sam Jacob, Stuart Burch, Jake MacSiacais, Michael Corr, Heiti Hääl
Graphic design: Indrek Sirkel
Photography: Anu Vahtra
Publishers: Museum of Estonian Architecture & Lugemik 2016

Price: 11€

The book “FACE-TO-FACE: The Story of the Baltic Exchange” describes the installation of the same title…

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Editors: Raine Karp, Mait Väljas
Graphic design: Mariana Hint-Rääk, Agnes Ratas
Translator: Adam Cullen
Publisher: Museum of Estonian Architecture, 2016
hardcover, 232 pages

Price: 22€

Architect Raine Karp (born 1939) is one of the most prominent and original Estonian architects in the last half-century. The current book is the first monograph published about his distinct…

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Editors: Indrek Grigor, Vilen Künnapu
Texts: Vilen Künnapu, Indrek Grigor, Veljo Kaasik, Ksenija Litvinenko, Sven-Erik Stamberg
Design: Angelika Schneider
Museum of Estonian Architecture, 2016

Price: 15€

Vilen Künnapu. Art, Architecture, Revolution is a book accompanied by an exhibition of the same name. The book features a foreword by Veljo Kaasik and introduction by Indrek…

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Editor: Pille Epner
Authors: Sandra Mälk, Riin Alatalu, Ants Hein, Leelo Tungal, Tiia Rosenberg, Teele Tõnisson
Graphic design: Tuuli Aule
Museum of Estonian Architecture, 2015

The book is not for sale.

The manor era in Estonia ended with the 1919 land reform, which saw over 1,000 manor properties expropriated along with their buildings. This…

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Editors: Mait Väljas, Carl-Dag Lige
Texts: Mait Väljas, Carl-Dag Lige, Sandra Mälk, Triin Ojari, Teele Jürivete
Designers: Koit Randmäe, Brit Pavelson
Translators: Adam Cullen, Tuuli Köller, A&A Lingua
Museum of Estonian Architecture, 2015

Price: 12€

The book which accompanies the Museum of Estonian Architecture’s permanent exhibition by the same name acquaints the reader with development…

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Written by: Ingrid Ruudi
Design: Margus Tamm
Museum of Estonian Architecture, 2015

Price: 15 €

“Unbuilt. Visions for a New Society 1986–1994” presents a selection of architectural projects and conceptual designs from the period from the launching of Perestroika until the first years of newly independent Estonian Republic. During this time, an unprecedented…

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Written by: Jarmo Kauge
Design: Laura Pappa
Museum of Estonian Architecture, 2015

Price: 15 €

“Roman Koolmar: From Oru Palace to the slums of Detroit” is the first overview of Roman Koolmar’s (1904–1971) work, whose buildings are perhaps better known than the architect himself.

Notably Pirita Bus Station, Kloostrimetsa Sanatorium, Minister’s summer houses in…

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Editor: Leele Välja
Translators: Marcus Turovski, Adam Cullen
Designer: Kristo Kooskora
English text
Tallinn, 2014

Sold out

With the last decades, the reputation of the wooden architecture of Tallinn has gone through a change as big as the reputation of the country itself. Areas in decay that were once associated with social degradation…

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Editor: Leele Välja
Translators: Marcus Turovski, Adam Cullen
Designer: OÜ Minuskel
English summaries and captions
Tallinn, 2013

Price: 10 €

The 100 steps denote 100 keywords, which most characterise the period of 1870–1992. These may be building types, or so much as fields (railway architecture, the municipal building, the rural schoolhouse, the private…

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