Estonian Prize for Architecture 2015

This year’s annual awards in the field of Estonian architecture were handed out on December 4th at a gala evening in Tallinn Creative Hub. The awards were given out in different categories by the Association of...

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Competition of the European IT Agency HQ

State Real Estate Ltd. in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior and the Estonian Union of Architects announced a comptetition in June 2015 to find the best solution for the headquarters of the European IT...

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From the Upper Class to Classrooms. Estonian Manor Schools

„From the Upper Class to Classrooms. Estonian Manor Schools“ follows the reuse of mansions as schools in new political circumstances. In the last 100 years, there has been a school in 300 manors, which is nearly...

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Estonian Culture Poster 2015

This year’s Haapsalu Graphic Design Festival focused on the developments in poster art. The subsequent exhibition brings together commissioned and printed posters from 2013-2015. Curator: Marko Kekishev

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Bus:stop. Krumbach

Exhibition „Bus:stop. Krumbach“ opens on Wednesday, April 15th at 16.00 in the Gallery of the Museum of Estonian Architecture The unusual idea from the association kultur krumbach developed into a project in which seven internationally acclaimed...

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Unbuilt. Visions for a New Society 1986–1994

The exhibition “Unbuilt. Visions for a New Society 1986 – 1994” presents a selection of architectural projects and conceptual designs from the period from the launching of Perestroika until the first years of newly independent Estonian...

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Ulla-Maija Alanen – Bodyscapes

Ulla-Maija Alanen’s exhibition Bodyscapes opens on the 10th April at 16.00 in the Museum of Estonian Architecture The exhibition Bodyscapes connects architecture and anatomy with intriguing photographic works that let viewers look into the underwater world,...

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Rail Baltic – The Engine of Progress

Exhibition „Rail Baltic – The Engine of Progress“ opens at the Cellar Gallery of the Museum of Estonian Architecture on February 27. The exposition introduces the best works submitted for the architecture competition of Tallinn Ülemiste...

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Architect Roman Koolmar: From Oru Palace to the slums of Detroit

Exhibition “Roman Koolmar: From Oru Palace to the slums of Detroit” opens at the Gallery of Museum of Estonian Architecture on March 11th. This is the first overview of Roman Koolmar’s (1904–1971) work, whose buildings are...

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Tallinn’s new Courthouse. Contest entries

The exhibition in the Gallery of the Museum of Estonian Architecture opening on February 18th presents the entries of the international architecture contest for Tallinn’s new Courthouse. The contest was held in cooperation with State Real...

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The Window and the Mirror – Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos

Exhibition of Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos Opens at the Museum of Estonian Architecture in Tallinn The Museum of Estonian Architecture opens its new season with an exhibition of the latest recipients of the Alvar Aalto Medal, Nieto...

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Genesis. The History of Architectural Design

This exhibition is dedicated to the 25th birthday of the Museum of Estonian Architecture. The exhibition explores various issues facing a museum as an institution: the role of the collections, drawings, photographs, texts and models in...

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Architecture Competition for the Main Building of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences

24.08.–11.09.2016 Location: Gallery (3rd floor) 14 projects were submitted to the architecture competition for the new main building of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences. The jury gave the first prize for the best design entitled Phalanx...

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Estonian Manor Houses: Splendour, Forever Lost

Cover photo: Lohu manor after the Revolution of 1905 Estonian Museum of Architecture’s this year’s summer exhibition explores a unique part of Estonian cultural history – the Estonian manor houses. For the first time, the main...

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