Finnish Architecture. Biennial Review 2016

Regular exhibitions of the best contemporary architecture are a long-standing tradition in Finland. The current display comprises a selection of buildings erected in the last couple of years. The cross-section, which on the one hand includes...

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Getting Things Done: Evolution of the Built Environment in Vorarlberg

Vorarlberg, the westernmost and smallest federal state of Austria, is regarded as the centre of contemporary European building culture. Wolfgang Fiel, the curator of the exhibition, has taken a critical look at the best examples of...

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Building a Community – Estonian Architects in Post-War Toronto

On Friday, 22 September an exhibition titled “Building a Community – Estonian Architects in Post-War Toronto” organised by the Museum of Estonian Architecture in collaboration with the Museum of Estonians Abroad opens at Tartu College in...

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Home archaeology. Jüri Kuuskemaa’s “baroque barracks” in Haapsalu

This exhibition is dedicated to the history of a long-established residential property, encompassing both the architecture and way of life, which is deeply ingrained in the household items and furnishings in the house and extends below...

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Anthropocene Island: the TAB 2017 curated exhibition

Anthropocene Island explores a design method operating at the confluence of disciplines including biology, computation and urban design. It explores a non-anthropocentric point of view on urbanity, based on the realisation that in our contemporary global...

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Louis Kahn’s Magnum Opus. Arne Maasik’s photos

In January of 2017, the artist and architectural photographer Arne Maasik travelled to Bangladesh and India to photograph the architectural projects of Louis Kahn (1901–1974), an American architect born in Estonia. As an architect Kahn is...

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The contemporary architecture of the large country of Poland is rather little known in Estonia – a shortcoming this exhibition and the lecture evening will try to bridge, at least in terms of young Polish architects....

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Kopli – perhaps the most intriguing municipal district in Tallinn, the contradictory reputation and past of which has given birth to many city legends – appears to be at the threshold of important changes. This year...

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Latvian Architecture Award 2016

The Latvian Architecture Award is an annual national competition with the aim of identifying and promoting the best accomplishments of Latvian architecture and stimulating the development of high-quality architecture. Opening speech by ambassador of Latvia H. E....

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SPIRITUALITY AND SENSITIVITY. Churches and Chapels in Bavaria and Austria since 2000

The exhibition “Spirituality and Sensitivity. Churches and Chapels in Bavaria and Austria since 2000” offers an overview of recent church architecture in the German federal state Bavaria and Austria. Two different countries, but shared language and...

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Who Creates the City?

The exhibition “Who Creates the City?” was presented for the first time in Tartu Art Museum Tartmus last autumn. It asks who has shaped the urban environment of Tartu, for what reasons and with what resources...

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Works of two architecture competitions: Kalaranna and the Sea Along Tallinn’s Main Street

February marked the completion of two important public competitions related to the development of Tallinn’s seafront: the architecture competition for the Kalaranna 1 plot and the second stage of the idea competition for Tallinn’s main street,...

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“Space Snatchers. The best of the architectural photography competition”

Architectural photography is a specific genre where the majority today tends to be driven by promotional causes or the need to document heritage listed objects rather than being an artistic statement in its own right. To...

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Making Places: Fieldoffice Architects

“Making Places” focuses on the works of Taiwanese architecture bureau Fieldoffice Architects, which emphasizes the human dimension and direct user experience. Almost all of Fieldoffice Architects founder Sheng-Yuan Huang’s projects are located in the city of...

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