Exhibition of Competition Entries for the Architecture and Design Pavilion



24.03. – 15.04.2018

Organizers: Estonian Centre of Architecture NGO and katus.eu

The aim of the competition was to find an internationally attractive architectural design solution for an event space and an office building for creative industries. The competition challenged participants to accentuate the usage of wood as a building material and to provide a comprehensive design concept for the immediate surroundings of the building. Equally important objective of the competition was also to create a comfortable work environment with a good internal logistics and microclimate. The participants were expected to make maximum usage of the advantages of a pre-fabricated building solutions and the temporary nature of the pavilion- it will be contracted in front of the Museum of Estonian Architecture for 5 years, after which it will be relocated to a new location. At the same time, the intention of the competition was to find a presentable reference building for Estonian woodhouse producers.

The Pavilion will be a home to a number of creative industries companies and organizations to help create a synergic working environment thus initiating a more effective collaboration.

The competition ended on the 19th of February with 34 entrees. The nominees for the prizes will be announced on March 23rd at the exhibition of the competition entries in the Museum of Estonian Architecture.

The jury was attended by Raul Järg (Head of Estonian Centre of Architecture), Triin Ojari (Director of Museum of Estonian Architecture), Peeter Pere (architect), Karli Luik (architect), Endrik Mänd (Tallinn City Council Chief Architect), Argo Saul (expert and representative of woodhouse producers), Timo Aarma (State Real Estate Ltd).

Thanks: Cultural Endowment of Estonia, State Real Estate Ltd, Museum of Estonian Architecture