TAB 2019 Curatorial Exhibition “Beauty Matters”



12.09. – 17.11.2019

In celebrating beauty after some eight decades of denigration, the exhibition elevates the status of beauty and its role in exploring new architectural beauties. The result is newly designed habitation projects that focus on Tallinn but have global implications, creating a conduit for the experience of beauty.

Great architecture emanates from the creative tension between the variables an architect opts to engage with, striving to reflect on the role of human judgment by sifting through ideas, tools and resources to achieve a result that is original, profound, economical, clear, surprising, sometimes ambiguous. The characteristics of beauty.

Nine exhibitors, three Estonian and six from around the world, have been chosen for their diverse palette of agendas and aesthetics; together they exhibit a pluralistic approach to the experience of beauty and demonstrate that beauty matters.