Architect August Volberg (1896–1983)

Collection of articles
Compiled by: K. Hallas
Designers: I. Tammis, A. Ojari
English summaries and captions
Tallinn, 1996

Price: 5 €


This collection of articles published for the 100th anniversary of architect August Volberg’s birth – a trailblazer in rural Estonian architecture – covers his most important creative periods. The work includes memoirs and a thorough list of his projects. August Volberg’s article titled “15 Years of Building Activity”, first published in 1934, is re-printed.

The articles’ authors include Heili Volberg, Kai Nõva, Mart Kalm, Tiina Arm, Leo Gens, Karin Hallas, Sigrid Abiline, Ike Volkov, and others.

The work is published in Estonian with an English-language résumé.