Beach Town, Mushroom Balcony, and Vodka Cabinet. Pärnu City Architect Olev Siinmaa

Author: Mart Kalm
Published by: Museum of Estonian Architecture, Estonian Academy of Arts
English text
Tallinn, 2012

Out of print

Pärnu City Architect Olev Siinmaa (1881–1948) was one of the most outstanding Estonian functionalists of the 1930s. Both his light-coloured dwellings and Pärnu beach architecture became a symbol of pre-war fashion. However, in addition to the bright swimming area, the city architect also had to deal with the design of more everyday structures, such as social buildings.

Siinmaa had already been a renowned carpenter and designer of the art-nouveau furniture for Pärnu Town Hall by the time that he studied to become an architect in Germany. As a result, furniture design remained a side-project for his entire life. Siinmaa rose to become the main creator of exemplary furniture in the national style for President Päts. The Estonian rooms both in the Presidential residence in Kadriorg Palace and the summer residence at Oru Castle featured his interior design. The book is richly illustrated with photos, both old and contemporary, as well as with original drawings.