Dmitri Bruns. Memoirs and Articles of a Tallinn Chief Architect

Editor: Karin Hallas-Murula
Designer: Irina Tammis
Copy-editor: Silvi Sündema
Tallinn, 2007

Price: 2 €

The book summarises Dmitri Bruns’ long-time work as Tallinn Chief Architect over the years 1960–1980. Belonging to this period were the establishment of a protection zone in Tallinn’s Old Town in 1966, the completion of Tallinn’s general design plan (1968), the intensifying of residential construction in Mustamäe, Lasnamäe, and Õismäe, as well as the erection of the Port of Muuga and completion of the 1980s Olympics structures: the yachting centre in Pirita, Tallinn’s Linnahall, Olümpia Hotel, Tallinn Airport, and the Tallinn Post Office. The articles collected in the book reflect the former public debates over issues of Tallinn’s development. In the memoirs section, Dmitri Bruns recalls the birth of decisions that influenced the city’s development, as well as the chief architect’s opportunities for having a say in the decision-making process. The book is illustrated with architectural pictures and projects of the Soviet period. Concluding the work is a bibliography of Dmitri Bruns’ books, articles, and interviews.