Tallinn’s Art-Nouveau Architecture. Jacques Rosenbaum (1878–1944)

Author: Karin Hallas-Murula
Reviewer: Jaak Kangilaski
Designer: Piret Niinepuu-Kiik
Estonian copy-editor: Aili Künstler
English translation: Tiina Randviir
English copy-editor: Neil Taylor
English summary and captions
Tallinn, 2010

Out of print

Jacques Rosenbaum was one of the most outstanding Tallinn architects of the early 20th century. His buildings – Dragon Gallery at Pikk 18, the Reichmann House at Pikk 23/25, the former bank headquarters at Harju 9, the Seewald hospital complex, the Leppenberg tenant house with lions’ heads at Roosikrantsi 15, and others make up the brightest and most artistic part of late-historicist and art-nouveau architecture in Tallinn. Also published in the book are a large number of Rosenbaum’s unrealised projects. The study includes new data and documents on Rosenbaum’s previously unknown activities, including those from the last part of his life in Germany during the 1930s, which the author collected in Berlin archives.