Geometry and Metaphysics. Mare Vint and Arne Maasik


Geometry and Metaphysics. Mare Vint and Arne Maasik

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Editor: Triin Ojari
Texts: Elnara Taidre, Triin Ojari
Graphic design: Jaanus Samma
Museum of Estonian Architecture, 2019
Parallel texts in Estonian and English

Richly illustrated catalogue accompanies the exhibition where two renown Estonian artists Arne Maasik and Mare Vint presented their works together for the first time. The publication is focused to a specific dialogue where Maasik’s works are in direct response to those of Vint. The photo series Architectonics specially taken for the exhibition are like Maasik’s tribute to Vint’s architecturally organised pictorial worlds, but also reflect his understanding of the ideal space and ideal architecture as an architect. These are meticulous compositions where nothing is redundant and nothing is missing, where architecture has reached the ultimate level of abstraction and generalisation. Mare Vint strives also for order and the perfect balance in the image space. Her motifs are always extremely aesthetic: nature, parks and houses appear in Vint’s work as perfected archetypes – as ideal forms. We have all seen these landscapes, walls and white southern cities somewhere; we recognise them by their simplicity, and yet we remain outside because they are pronouncedly inaccessible, like images from a dream.