EXPO 160. Architect Xaveer de Geyter



18.04. – 25.05.2014

The first comprehensive exhibition of the architectural work of Xaveer de Geyter, one of the most significant architects working in Europe at the moment. In 1988 Xaveer  de Geyter started his own practice that often surprisingly illuminates the hidden paradoxes and conflicts of the (sub)urban life. His work is based on a conscious belief in the formal power of architecture to shape and organise the many flows and often incongruous activities that constitute contemporary society. Rather than fixing programmatic content, it creates a clear-cut environment in which different scenario’s, stories and outcomes remain possible. It does not shy away from controversy or boldness, exactly in order to lay bare the potential of a site, a context or a brief. Without fear or inhibition, architecture is presented as the modern and energetic mediator that does not fold back on the safety of the past or the consensus of the present, but that embraces the uncertainties of a both lucid and positive future.