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Leonhard Lapin, 1975–1976. EAM 4.2.87 and Fk 821

Signs in front of the entrances to the Pärnu KEK houing complex

The housing complex of ​​Pärnu KEK includes constructive signs that are located in front of the terraced house called “Kuldne Kodu” (Golden Home). Although concrete was still a rarity as a material in the 1970s, materials were more available for the construction offices of the collective farms (kolkhozes). In the same spirit the terraced house that was constructed in monolithic concrete was completed with concrete-poured sculptures. According to Leonhard Lapin, the sculptural architectons offer a great way to present different ideas, and since it is free of restrictions, the small form allows to present the ideal architecture. The constructions in blue and other bright tones were more than just ideas, in fact. A monolithic structure with a different structure and color was planned in front of each entrance, so it was easy to find the right staircase of a terrace house that was about a kilometer long. In addition to directing, the architectons offered a rare view of abstract sculptures that were scarce in the Soviet public space. As well as the residential area itself, the signs were not fully implemented. In 2008, Andres Ringo handed over the architects’ drawings to the museum. Text: Sandra Mälk

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