Open today 11–18
Photo of Linnahall

Linnahall Forever

Linnahall stirs passions and leaves no one cold. Designed by architects Raine Karp and Riina Altmäe, along with interior architects Ülo SirpMariann Hakk, and chief engineer Ago-Allan Kuddu, this legendary public building was completed in 1980. Symbolically, the architects aimed to create a connection between the city and the sea, offering views of freedom from Linnahall’s rooftop landscape.

Recognised as a national architectural monument, Linnahall has endured a tiresome struggle to survive in the whirlwind of history. The building has been fought over for decades, yet no force has prevailed. Nevertheless, Linnahall has inspired numerous architects, interior architects, urban planners, students, and many others to create plans, visions, and creative gestures to revive this grand structure. And with so many great ideas already conceived, Linnahall has the potential to stay forever.

The exhibition “Linnahall Forever” tells the hopeful story of one of Estonia’s most significant buildings.

Curators: Anna-Liiza IzbašJarmo Kauge, and Grete Tiigiste
Exhibition and graphic design: Viieline (Koit Randmäe and Brit Pavelson)

The exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.