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Come Out and Play. Modern Kindergartens




Fairy tales, children’s drawings and sun – if any architect could draw inspiration from these, it would certainly be the designer of a kindergarten. Seen the other way, kindergarten architecture has also posed challenges for professionals, reflecting social changes and depending on the educational theories of its era.

This book was accompanied by exhibition “Come Out and Play. Modern Kindergartens” that took place at the museum in 2019.

  • Compiler: Sandra Mälk
  • Designer: Brit Pavelson
  • Texts: Mare Torm, Sandra Mälk, Kadri Klementi, Anna-Liisa Unt, Ivi-Els Schneider, Sandra Nuut
  • Publisher: Museum of Estonian Architecture, 2019
  • Paperback, 194 pages
  • Language: Estonian and English
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