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Tallinn Architecture 1900–2020. Architecture Guide




Estonian Museum of Architecture is pleased to announce a new, updated and revised edition of Tallinn Architecture 1900–2020. Architecture Guide.

This comprehensive guidebook written by the architectural historian Karin Hallas-Murula aims to foster visitors’ interest not only in the Old Town, but also in newer, 20th  and 21st  century Estonian architecture.

The book opens with a short historical overview of Tallinn architecture. This is followed by a guide to the city, divided into sections where the buildings are grouped together and listed according to their location. The numbered entries begin in the Old Town and continue in various directions, mostly along the main roads (Pärnu, Tartu and Narva roads) leading to Merivälja, Kalamaja, Kopli, Kakumäe, Mustamäe and Nõmme. The richly illustrated book includes an abundance of both historical and contemporary buildings. The selections were made on the basis of their architectural quality and historical significance;  the location of the buildings in the city and their accessibility for architecture enthusiasts were also taken into consideration.

Most of the photos included in the book are from the Estonian Museum of Architecture collection but there are many that were specially taken for this book.

The publication has been sponsored by Merko Ehitus, Rand & Tuulberg, Astlanda Ehitus, Cultural Endowment of Estonia and Rotermann City.

  • Compiled by Karin Hallas-Murula
  • Translator: Krista Mits
  • Designer: Angelika Schneider
  • Tallinn, 2020
  • Text in English
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