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Vilen Künnapu. Art, Architecture, Revolution



Vilen Künnapu. Art, Architecture, Revolution is a book accompanied by an exhibition of the same name. The book features a foreword by Veljo Kaasik and introduction by Indrek Grigor. Künnapu’s own thoughts are expressed in an interview with Sven-Erik Stamberg and Künnapu’s cult creator’s image is unravelled by St. Petersburg-based architecture critic Ksenia Litvinenko in her article about the so-called Elephant House. Similarly to the exhibition, the book is not retrospective. Rather it aims to collect the creative impulses of a master while looking for connections between shapes, texts, drawings, paintings, models, projects and finished buildings.

  • Editors: Indrek Grigor, Vilen Künnapu
  • Texts: Vilen Künnapu, Indrek Grigor, Veljo Kaasik, Ksenija Litvinenko, Sven-Erik Stamberg
  • Design: Angelika Schneider
  • Museum of Estonian Architecture, 2016
  • Parallel text in English
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