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Sound. Noise. Space

The exhibition “Sound. Noise. Space” by Taavi Tulev and Ekke Västrik opens at the Estonian Museum of Architecture

From Friday, 21 January 2022, the Estonian Museum of Architecture invites visitors to the exhibition by Taavi Tulev and Ekke Västrik in the large hall of the museum, where they can take the time to listen to the connections between sound, noise, space and architecture. The acoustic environment created in the hall of the Rotermann Salt Storage offers an experiential journey that regards sound as a natural part of the human living environment. The conceptual focal point of the exhibition comprises sounds recorded in nature.

The creators of the exhibition are Taavi Tulev (1984), who works with music, sound design as well as art, and Ekke Västrik (1988), who is a composer, sound director and member of the Estonian Composers’ Union. Both musicians are known as creators and promoters of electronic music. Their exhibition provides an opportunity to experience various aspects of the sonic world and to show how these are connected to factors that change in time and space.

The exhibition reveals aspects of sound that a person may not even notice in the surrounding environment under normal circumstances, but which directly affect their well-being and experience of the space. The artists try to answer the question of which sound environments are beneficial for people and what would change in the lives of the inhabitants of the city if the surrounding sound environment were structured in a better way?

A special acoustic space with a 16-speaker sound system will be created in the sitting area, raised on a low podium in the exhibition hall. This allows for the reproduction of very different types of sonic environments and the creation of (sonic) spatial effects. Thematic tables on the sides of the exhibition hall introduce various aspects of sound as a phenomenon. Lighting design also plays an important role in the exhibition.

Exhibition by:
Taavi Tulev, Ekke Västrik

Exhibition design:
Taavi Tulev

Graphic design:
Koit Randmäe

Alexander Sprohgis

Supported by:
Cultural Endowment of Estonia

“Sound. Noise. Space” belongs to the series of experimental exhibition projects with which the museum continues to broaden the functions of its exhibition spaces. According to the Director of the Museum, Triin Ojari, the exhibition will create an imaginary bridge with two previous exhibitions that tested the boundaries of the hall at the Rotermann Salt Storage: The installation “FACE to FACE: The Story of the Baltic Stock Exchange Building” (2016) by Maarja Kask, Ralf Lõoke and Neeme Külm, and Paco Ulman’s photography exhibition “Wasteland” (2018).

“Sound. Noise. Space” is accompanied by an educational programme, lectures and tours by the artists. The exhibition is open until 16 April 2022.