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About the museum


The main supporter of the Museum of Estonian Architecture is the Cultural Endowment of Estonia. The Endowment’s greatest support has been the co-financing of furnishings for the Rotermann Salt Storage in 1996, when the museum moved into its new building. This donation is commemorated by a plaque in the foyer of the Rotermann Salt Storage. Aid from the Cultural Endowment’s Architectural Foundation has made it possible to put up exhibitions, issue publications, organise lectures, purchase videos, subscribe to architectural magazines, purchase presentation equipment, order models, and much more. Support from the Cultural Endowment has been exceptionally important from the standpoint of developing the Museum’s activities in a situation, where state budgetary funds have been insufficient.


Individuals and organisations that have made the greatest contributions to the Museum of Estonian Architecture’s collections:

The Union of Estonian Architects – archive material, architectural books, photographs
The Building Institute of Scientific Research – archive materials, manuscripts
Jaak Lohk – projects from Elmar Lohu’s Swedish period
Teno Velbri – Edgar Velbri Archive
Viive Kallam – Nikolai Kusmin Archive
Ado Soans – Anton Soans Archive
Anu Kotli – Alar Kotli Archive
Daisy Matve – Hubert Matve and Voldemar Pikson Archive
Ants Nõva – Erika Nõva Archive
SDI Eesti Projekt – projects, design materials
SDI Eesti Maaehitusprojekt – photos, slides
Lembit Ostrat – Johann Ostrat Archive
Heiki Tammoja – Nora Tammoja Archive
Tallinn City Government – planning projects, models
Tartu City Government – planning projects
Priit Roosalu – Ott Puuraid Archive
Heili Volberg-Raig – August Volberg Archive
Ivar Männamaa – Arnold Matteus Archive
Karin Kuuskemaa – Valve Pormeister Archive
Ruth Stupel – Leo Gens Archive
Jaak Poom – Union of Estonian Architects in Sweden Archive
Ruth Mirov – Boris Mirov Archive
Maria Tarvas, Elisabeth Kuusik – Peeter Tarvas Archive
Rein Vainküla – negatives, photographs
Filia Projektibüroo – models made at EKE Projekt
National Heritage Board of Estonia – projects
Marje Rohtla – Villu Rohtla Archive
Ene Priimets – photographs
Inga Tõnissar – Ethel Brafmann Archive
Eero Puumets – Ilmar Puumets Archive
Jaan Puhvel – Transport of West Coast Gateway model to Estonia
Tiina Mattisen – Olev Randur Archive
Asta Reilent – Raul Kivi Archive
Ene Tomberg – Endel Laas Archive
Aldo Tammpere – photographs
Eili Kukkur – Albert Kukkur Archive
Mattias Agabuš – Malle Agabuš Archive
Jaan Port – Mart Port Archive
Martin Siplane – photographs