Architect Toomas Rein

Compiled by: Toomas Rein, Mait Väljas
Designer: Tiit Jürna
Editor: Karin Hallas-Murula
English captions and architect’s CV
Tallinn, 2010

Price: 5 €

For decades, architect Toomas Rein has been one of the most influential individuals in Estonian architecture. His modernist structures designed for rural areas during the 1960s–1970s especially stand out on his long creative path. Rein has also been active since the restoration of Estonian independence, designing primarily social buildings and dwellings. The catalogue compiled for his anniversary exhibition summarises Toomas Rein’s career as an architect and an artist, bringing together his completed structures, projects, and watercolours between a single set of covers.

The catalogue also includes essays by Professor Leonhard Lapin and architectural historian Mait Väljas, which address Toomas Rein as an idiosyncratic and creatively uncompromising structural artist.