Price list for the use of museum collections


Photocopy of a publication or an archival item on paper (A4) 0.50 € (1 pc)


Photograph, text, archival item (up to A3) 2.50 € (1 pc)
Slide or negative 4.00 € (1 pc)
Digitalisation of an archival item larger than A3 12 € (1 pc)
Print-out of a digital image (up to A3) 1.00 € (1 pc)

Fees for use

Use with a one-time right of publication

In scientific publications, dissertations, study books and areal research publications  2 € (1 pc)
In newspapers, magazines, books and the internet  6.40 € (1 pc)
In films and on the television  6.40 € (1 pc)
On calendars, postcards, postage stamps and cover designs  32 € (1 pc)
In promotional publications,  TV commercials and other advertising media  from 64 €
For display outside the Estonian museum network  from 32 €
Costs related to preparing a reproduction of an archival item shall be paid upon placing an order

Use without a right of publication

In research papers by pupils and students, dissertations, areal research publications etc. free (max 10 pcs) /
2 €
In paid research and project documentation.  3.20 € (1 pc)


Conditions of use

  • In the case of a publication, reference has to be made to the Museum of Estonian Architecture, also mentioning the name of the photographer(s), if known.
  • In the case of a publication, the Museum of Estonian Architecture shall be submitted the bibliographical information of the publication where the photographs are reproduced.
  • Copies ordered are protected by Copyright Law and unauthorised use (republishing, reselling, copying) is not allowed.

Additional information

  • The museum director has the right to allow exceptions in the price list in specific cases.