Estonian Association of Architects: 2016 curated exhibition “Where did all the euros go?”

This October, an exhibition will demonstrate and analyse the structures that were built in Estonia from 2006-2015 with financial assistance from the European Union and form a vital and prominent layer of Estonia’s rural and urban...

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Peter Skubic. Mirrors are invisible

Peter Skubic (b 1935) is an Austrian artist with Serbian roots. Since graduating from the University of Applied Arts Vienna, he has exercised a strong voice in the fields of both jewellery and fine arts. With...

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The exhibition „Modern Finnish Poster“ under the aegis of Haapsalu Graphic Design Festival presents a review of the contemporary Finnish poster. There are 88 pieces from 31 authors in the collection. The exhibition gives an overview...

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Evenings at Home. Architect Raine Karp’s Private Houses and Summer Homes

Raine Karp (born 1939) is one of the masters of modern architecture in Estonia whose original and wide-ranging oeuvre holds permanent value both in local art of building as well as the architecture of the whole...

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Architecture Competition for the Main Building of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences

24.08.–11.09.2016 Location: Gallery (3rd floor) 14 projects were submitted to the architecture competition for the new main building of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences. The jury gave the first prize for the best design entitled Phalanx...

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SPACE IN MOTION: A Century of Estonian Architecture

“SPACE IN MOTION: A Century of Estonian Architecture” is the Museum of Estonian Architecture’s permanent exhibition, which acquaints visitors with the development of professional Estonian spatial and architectural culture. The exhibition encompasses the most important segments...

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Face-to-face: The Story of the Baltic Exchange

The monumental kinetic installation by Maarja Kask and Ralf Lõoke of Salto Architects and artist Neeme Külm tells the story of a building that has lost its place. The history of the Baltic Exchange goes back...

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EXPO 160. Architect Xaveer de Geyter

The first comprehensive exhibition of the architectural work of Xaveer de Geyter, one of the most significant architects working in Europe at the moment. In 1988 Xaveer  de Geyter started his own practice that often surprisingly...

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Vilen Künnapu. Art, Architecture, Revolution

Vilen Künnapu (b. 1948) is a living classic of Estonian architecture, without whom it is impossible to imagine local architecture and its recent history. Künnapu is still active as an artist, which is why it is...

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Bus:Stop. Krumbach

Expedition Wunderlich: 11 interior architects

How do you create a welcoming and inspiring space? What makes a space “good”? Is there a particular quality to Estonian space? How should those who design our living environments be educated? What can be learned...

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